About the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project

The CST Inspired Minds Learning Project is a funding program focused on supporting education programs for children and youth (K-12). Since 2014, we have awarded nearly $700,000 to fund learning programs and activities for children in communities across Canada.

In 2020, $125,000 will be awarded to help children continue to build a healthy relationship with learning so that they can feel confident and prepared for the future of learning, careers and their own development as leaders and global citizens.

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About CST Inspired Minds

CST Inspired Minds® is a CST Foundation initiative grounded in our commitment to help today’s children become tomorrow’s successful adults. We are currently running two programs under CST Inspired Minds: CST Inspired Minds Learning Project and Careers 2030.

Careers 2030: With the pace of technological and social change moving at breakneck speed, the future careers of our children will be dramatically different than the jobs we see today. Our Careers 2030 insights helps parents and children imagine what that future will look like and map a practical post-secondary education path to get there. Learn more at careers2030.cst.org.

Join us as we build a future vision of education in Canada.

About the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation has been dedicated to bringing higher education within reach for Canadian families for over 59 years.  Founded as a not-for-profit foundation in 1960, we’ve evolved in tandem with the education savings sector and helped shape it into what it is today—through innovation, advocacy and by sponsoring the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans through CST Consultants Inc. and Bright Plan though CST Spark, that families use to save for their children’s post-secondary education.

Our over 280,000 Canadian families come from all walks of life and from all around the world in search of one common goal: to provide their children opportunity through a post-secondary education. Whether that means university, college, CEGEP, trade school, online learning or any of the other form of higher education, we believe every child can pursue their dream.

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